How to add your System Specifications to the forum

How to add your System Specifications to the forum

To help us provide timely answers to your questions on the forum, it really helps us if you can post your system specifications. This will let us know the type of computer you have and will provide us with more information to try and help you.

There's a form you can fill in on our site, which will display a link to your system specifications next to each of your posts:

System Specs.png

You can access this form by going to the Username Menu > System Specs on the forum, or click the link below:

System Spec information that we would find useful is:
  • Windows 10 Version and Type (i.e. Windows 10 Pro x64)
  • CPU, Motherboard and Graphics card models
  • RAM Type and Total
  • System Model Name/Manufacturer
If you don't know some of this information, you may be able to use a free tool like "Speccy" ( to provide these details.

Alternatively, you can find most of the information by running "msinfo32" (which comes with Windows 10). It's not as user-friendly, but requires no additional download. Just press Windows Key + R, type "msinfo32" and then click OK.

The information that will be useful is on the following pages:

System Summary
  • OS Name
  • Version
  • System Type
  • System SKU
  • Processor
  • Installed Physical RAM
Components > Sound Device
  • Name
Components > Display
  • Name
  • Adaptor RAM
First release
Last update

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