How to Enable Minidump logs in Windows 10

How to Enable Minidump logs in Windows 10

Troubleshooting BSOD (blue screen of death) errors can be a difficult process, as limited information is provided when your OS crashes. Enabling minidump (small memory dump) files means that logs are provided with debugging information every time a BSOD occurs. Forums like this one will then be able to look though the logs and determine where the problem is.

To begin, click the Start Menu or Search Icon and type "Control Panel", then click the entry that appears:

Control Panel.png

Now click System and Security from within the Control Panel:

Control Panel System 1.png

Then click System from the list:

Control Panel System 2.png

Now, click Advanced System Settings:


Under the Start-up and Recovery section, click Settings:


Finally, select Small Memory Dump from the debugging drop-down menu, then click OK:


Minidumps are now enabled, and will be created should you experience a BSOD error in future. If you wish to reset the settings back to default, please repeat the steps, but choose "Automatic memory dump" at the last stage. You may also wish to disable "automatically restart", so that you can see the error on screen if a BSOD occurs.

The minidump files will be located in %SystemRoot%\Minidump, which is generally C:\Windows\Minidump.

If you'd like to upload dump files to this site, please zip them up first and attach them to a new thread.

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