How to Enable or Disable a Service

How to Enable or Disable a Service

Windows 10 runs many background programs (called services) that operate behind the scenes to perform essential tasks. Sometimes you may wish to disable some of these to prevent an operation from occurring, or perhaps to prevent bloated software from performing unnecessary tasks. Likewise, it's possible to allow services to automatically run on boot, or after a short delay.

To begin, load the Services tool by right-clicking the Start Button and select Run (or you can use the keyboard shortcut of Windows Key + R):


Then, type services.msc in to the run box and click OK:


Now you'll see a list of all of the services on your computer, from which you can select an entry, right click and choose Properties:


On the first tab (General), there is an option labelled Startup Type. This is where you can enable or disable services. The options you can chose from are as follows:
  • Automatic (Delayed Start) - This option enables the service and runs it after a short delay following boot. This improves overall system performance by holding back running of non-critical services.
  • Automatic - This option starts the service as soon as possible after boot.
  • Manual - The service will not run automatically, but will run if required or started manually.
  • Disabled - This service will not run, even if requested to run manually.
Choose your option as appropriate and click OK to save the changes, which will apply after the next boot:

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