How to Get help in Windows 10

How to Get help in Windows 10

If you're experiencing problems with Windows 10, these forums are the right place to seek help. To begin, please register on the forums to choose a username and password. This will take less than a minute and you can ask your query straight away.

Please post your question in the category that most closely matches the nature of your query by viewing the list on the main forum page:

It's quite possible that the Windows 10 Support section will be the place that is appropriate for most queries, but we have special sections for crashes, error debugging and other issues.

When you've found the section you'd like to post in, just click the "post new thread" button and you'll be able to type out your query for our experts and forum members to take a look at. Be sure to include as much detail in your query as possible, such as error messages and your computer model/specification if appropriate.

We really enjoy helping you make the most out of Windows 10, so please do let us know your questions and we'll do our best to help!

If you have any ideas for new articles that you think would benefit other users, please let us know by posting in the feedback section. As we build up a database of questions and answers on the forums, we aim to write-up popular solutions in the article section.
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