How to Switch to a Local Account

How to Switch to a Local Account

Microsoft encourage logging in to Windows 10 with a cloud-based "Microsoft Account" - this will enable you to sync settings, access OneDrive, sign-in to the app store and many other things. This is a free service with many advantages, however some people may prefer to use a local account instead - as this avoids sharing any personal data.

If you use a local account, you can still make purchases on the app store - but you'll need to sign in with a Microsoft account each time you make a purchase.

To begin, click Start > Settings:


Then, click Accounts:

Local Account 1.png

Now select "Your info" on the left-hand menu and click "Sign in with a local account instead" in the main window:

Local Account 2.png

Then, type in your current Microsoft password, then click Next:


Now, choose your new local account username, password and a password hint to remind you of your choice, followed by clicking Next:


Well done! The change in account login is now complete - just click the "Sign out and finish" button to complete the change:

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