Shutdown after PC has been idle

How to schedule a shutdown after a specified period of no activity

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    If you create a Scheduled Task to shut down the computer when idle, any open programs will be closed first then the computer will shut down.

    To do this do the following:
    • In your Search / Cortana box type Task Scheduler then press Enter key to open
    • When the Task Scheduler window opens on the right pane click Create Task


    • This will open the Create Task window and by default you will be viewing the General tab
    • On the General tab in the Name box type Shut Down Computer When Idle
    • Check the Run only when user is logged on and Run with highest privileges
    • Next to Configure for click the drop arrow and select Windows 10

      Sample image


    • Next at top of window click on the Triggers tab
    • At the bottom left of the Triggers tab click the New button
    • This will open a separate window titled New Trigger
    • In the New Trigger window check both Daily and Synchronize across time zones
    • The Start Date will be correct displaying the date you create this task. Leave that as it is.
    • The Start Time will be displaying the current time on your computer. Click the drop arrow to adjust the hour to 12, then click the minutes and click drop arrow to set to 00 then click the seconds and again click the drop arrow to set to 00. Now if needed check the PM then click drop arrow to set to AM
    • Ensure the Recur every box says 1

      Sample Image


      If your settings match this image then click OK to close the New Trigger window.

    • Next click the Actions tab
    • In the bottom left corner click the New button
    • This will open the New Action window
    • In the New Action window type shutdown in the box beneath Program/script

      Sample Image


      If your settings match this image click OK to close the New Action window.

    • Next click the Conditions tab
    • Check the boxes next to Start the task only if the computer is idle for and Stop if the computer ceases to be idle
    • Set both drop boxes to the right of these as 1 hour
    • Remove checks in any other box.

      Sample Image


      Note: After confirming your settings match this image DO NOT CLICK the OK button!

    • Finally, click the Settings tab
    • Check the first three boxes and the fifth box
    • Remove checks from other boxes if present
    • Set the time for If the task fails, restart every to 15 minutes
    • Set the Attempt to restart up to box to 3 times

      Sample Image


      If your settings match the above image now click OK

    You have now successfully created your new Task to shut down the computer when idle for one hour.

    One caveat though. Some antivirus security programs will automatically scan the computer when its idle. If this happens it may prevent this Task running because the System in effect is now not idle. You may need to adjust settings in the Security software you are using. This is why you want that Attempt to restart up to 3 times set.
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