Applying 3 local GPO´s to 3 different Local Groups


Jul 23, 2021
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Hoping this is the right category :)

So i have this issue where i need to have role separation on local level, not domain.
3 groups with different accesses/permissions from GPO´s.
for ie:
Group 1 can use windows installer and scripts but not change time
Group 2 can change time but not use windows installer and scripts
Group 3 can not do anything above but run office apps, open documents/desktop and 1 or 2 more apps rest is blocked.

Therefore i need 3 GPO´s to apply to these 3 groups.
Apply Local Group Policy to Specific User in Windows 10

Followed this guide but my 3 groups arent showing up as they aint seem to be my idea is now that i create the GPOs in a domain with the correct group name and then export + convert to local GPO by using:

But then I think that the GPOs wont hit as they wont find the groups :/

So my questions is:
- Is above possible to get done?
- Will the GPO hit even though the editor cant find my groups compatible?
- How else to do it to get the groups separated with different permissions/accesses from GPOs?

Been at it and googling like hell for 3 days but no success


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