Bootable Windows10 creation tool fails to clean install windows 10 pro on PC

Mar 15, 2018
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I am trying to carryout a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro x64 on my desktop PC using the bootable media creation tool 1803.exe which I downloaded from the internet on my Win 10 PRO laptop. I saved it on a 16gb USB flash drive.
I inserted the USB flash drive in my Dell desktop PC and booted it therefrom there being no other operating system available on the computer. I entered the language and other preferences and clicked on install now. I selected Windows 10 pro as the operating system and accepted the licence terms. I deleted 2 existing partitions. Drive 0 was then shown as an unallocated space, total size 298.1 GB, free space 298.1GB. Clicked on next and Windows setup commenced by copying files before moving on to ”getting files ready for installation” which progressed at a very slow pace. It took 4 hours to get 85% completed. I left watching the progress for no more than 5 minutes and when I returned I got the following error message: “Windows cannot install the required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure the files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error Code 0x80070570.”
In troubleshoot I clicked on Startup Repair which after carrying out a diagnostic procedure reported that “startup repair couldn’t repair your PC”.

I assume that all the required files are included in the media creation tool. The laptop which I used to download the tool has itself got a few unresolved issues.
I don’t, however, think that the creation tool is responsible for its failure to install Windows 10 Pro on my desktop computer. I believe it downloaded correctly although it may be possible, but unlikely, that some file corruption occurred during the download which is causing the installation thereof to fail.
I intend to carry out a clean installation of the laptop after I get the Desktop issues resolved.
The following are details of the creation media which I downloaded and saved on a 16gb USB flash drive.:
File system FAT32. Used Space 3.46 gb. Free Space 11.1 gb. Capacity 14.6gb.
List of folders and files saved on USB flash drive
Boot (file folder) Size 17.3 MB contains 28files, 3 folders
efi (file folder) Size 20.3 MB contains 29 files, 5 folders
Sources (file folder) Size 3.42 GB contains 880 files, 71 folders
Support (file folder) Size 396 KB contains 31 files, 2 folders
Autorun Size 128 bytes, 8.0 KB Size on disk.
Bootmgr Size 398 KB
Bootmgr.efi Size 1.2 MB
Setup 78.7KB.

Please advise
1 Is file corruption in the downloaded bootable media the only feasible/likely cause of the failure to clean install the program on my desktop?. I presume that by deleting all the partitions on the hard disk all files previously stored therein were removed.
2 If not, what is the probable cause and what is the remedy?.
The error occurred while getting the files ready for installation ie. before the actual installation process commenced.
3 If there is a problem with the downloaded media could I instead download the bootable Windows 10 Pro media tool on my Windows 10 Home laptop for installation on a Win 10 Pro PC? I keep the windows 10 home computer as a backup.
I would be grateful for help in resolving the issue or issues causing the failure of the media creation tool to install the operating system on my desktop PC.
Many Thanks


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