Can't sync Mail or Calendar with my main Microsoft account - but other accounts work.

Aug 6, 2015
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Up until 3 days ago, my Mail & Calendar apps had been working flawlessly. Then, all of a sudden they stopped syncing. The account had an exclamation mark next to it, and prompted me to "Fix" it, but clicking the option just flashed up a small window with an image of a person for about half a second before disappearing. Since then, I've reinstalled the Mail & Calendar apps, disabled internet time syncing, deleted the Comms folder in %localappdata%, changed my Microsoft account password, and the issue still persists. Since I reinstalled the Mail app, I am not able to get past the "First things first. Let's add your accounts." screen, as I am prompted with . This issue was around before the update KB3081424 rolled out, and after installing the update I still can't add the mail account. I have successfully been able to add a Gmail account, as well as a fresh Outlook account I just created, so it seems to be an issue with adding this one specific account. Any help with this would be appreciated.

The error I'm receiving:

Edit: I managed to login to my account through Mail by first swapping to a local account on my PC, signing in and then converting back to a Microsoft Account. It still gave me the same error though.
I then started messing around with the time settings on my computer, and noticed something which may be helpful. Setting the date forward a few days and then pressing the "Fix Account" button resulted in it progressing past the initial stage and a window appeared with the message "working on it...", after which the window disappeared and I was back where I started. Setting the date forward by a year let me get past this screen too, to another window that said "just a moment...", which then popped up the error code 0x800704cf, and then I was left back at the original mail screen with no change.
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