“.csv” file corruption ,which is present on USB Mass Storage device on windows 10

Oct 27, 2015
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Controller board will have below given components (refer attachment) :

1. SRAM : 8MB

2. Microcontroller

In above given system some portion of SRAM is used as “Mass Storage Device “ and this area of RAM can be accesses from Laptop or Personal computers

To connect it to computer it uses USB Communication .

So this RAM area will look like USB MASS STORAGE DEVICE in PC .

When application will run on this controller, application will keep updating “.csv” file present on Mass storage device (which is part of SRAM)

And this file can be downloaded locally if USB is connected to PC .(it is same way as we use pen drive, for copying data from pen drive to locally )

USB communication works fine with windows 7 or XP OS., we are able to retrieve the “.csv” file successfully

But if we connect the same USB to windows 10 or 8.1 OS “.csv” file will get corrupt and data present in the “.CSV” will get lost.

Does anyone have idea what could have wrong ??




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Nov 19, 2013
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Nope.... no idea what so ever, but......
You might have better luck with Windows 10 and potentially Windows 8.1 as well if you could use a .xml file instead of the .csv

Not sure if that is even an option for you as I don't know what the data file does or how it works

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