SOLVED Definition Differences Between Microsoft OneDrive Status Icons

Jul 18, 2016
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Can anybody help me understand what the difference is in Microsoft OneDrive with the 2 status icons as described below?

I got these definitions from the, 'Beginner's Guide to Microsoft OneDrive on Windows 10' website, as shown in the link below. The definitions are under the title, 'Files and folders statuses' and is about halfway down the website using the scroll bar.

1. White icon with green borders and check mark icon —
File is available offline, you can open them without an internet connection, and they're taking up local storage space.

2. Solid green with white check mark icon — You'll see this status badge when using the "Always keep on this device" option to ensure important files are available offline.

I assumed number 1 above meant that your files are only stored on the hard drive of the particular computer you are using. I also thought this meaning meant you could access them from your hard drive even when off-line. When I checked in the OneDrive Cloud, they are actually stored there too. This is confusing me.

I assumed number 2 above meant that the files are always syncing on all my computers, that it always keeps on all the devices and in the cloud.

Can somebody explain exactly what the two definitions mean more distinctly and with more detail so a simpleton like me can understand them please?


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Oct 12, 2015
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See if this helps (ver 1709)

Available Both.jpg
Available Cloud.jpg

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