For Anyone Using Backup Program: EaseUS Todo

Dec 4, 2017
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For anyone using the backup program: EaseUS Todo:

Have had program for many years, and first time I've gone to it.
Supposed to backup, periodically, to a dedicated external HD.

Seems to have done it.

But no eMails.
Their Cust. Rep mentioned it has to be Outlook that is used for.
Wasn't very helpful.

Don't understand, as I am using Comcast with the native eMail Client that came
pre-installed on my W10 pc. Called MAIL.

Might anyone using this program straighten me out re it ?
Should it have backed up my eMails ?

If so, where would it have put the backed upped eMails ?
Can't find in any Folder.

Thanks for help; appreciated.


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