"Important Security" Audio loop

Dec 1, 2015
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I have a problem with playing anything that uses sound. I use a desk top pc running windows 10 with bitdefender and Malwarebytes. Today I tried to play my Amazon music and had an audio loop of "important security" being played over the top of my music, same with utube and memory sticks that played normally a few days ago. I presume I have picked up a bug from somewhere but how do I find it and get rid of it. I have done a Malwarebytes and a bitdefender scan and they found nothing. Help would be appreciated please.


Oct 1, 2014
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If something is running, you should be able to see it in the Resource Monitor. I have not seen what you are seeing but I had a system which appears to be trying to play a system sound and it ran the number of threads up from a normal 12 to 1400 and taking 30% of the processor for audiodg.exe.

On another system I caught McAfee using 100% drive resources while writing to an .etl file which had 0 size.

Sometimes I even like to see things, which are non-destructive, so I can use some of the software I like to use to find them. ;)

Something you might try is to do the same thing from a virtual desktop to see if it makes a difference.
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