Microsoft Account Login Email Won't Synch

Oct 1, 2015
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I'm asking this on behalf of my dad. This is hard to explain so please bear with me!

He has just set up windows 10 and entered his email address as his Microsoft account login. He is using the mail app, and has somehow managed to create a new mail account for the same email address as his login. Now the two appear to be conflicting.

The Microsoft account has his name as a title. The Mail account has his email address as a title. Both are connected to the same email address, but only the Mail account will receive mail. The user account has never synced mail.

The Mail app now shows two apparently identical accounts - one working (the Mail account) and one not (the Microsodt account). We've tried deleting the Microsoft account, but there is no option to - I'm guessing because it's the main login account?

Interestingly, the Microsoft account that won't synch is set up as an Outlook account. The Mail account is set up as mail.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know how to make the two accounts link or delete the one that's not working? Any suggestions very gratefully received!


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