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Aug 3, 2015
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My name Is Bob Mauk. I was born on Feb 14 1929!
Which makes over 90 years old!
I have been on Forum since It started!

I am on the Slow Ring and I find the slow ring very Helpful!
My one problem is I can't get someone to listen to my problem!

It is that I am over 90 and Email a lot of my friends in the Bracket 80 to 90+ years old!
I have complained that the forum has forgotten the Elderly that has been on the Forum for a long time!
I admit that I don't use it very often after I started Using Cortana!

My problem is that I have asked for an updates to Email App to attach TEXT SIIZE and BOLD to Email addresses that can automatically add these attributes to certain Email address that are elderly and often forgotten when sending text to elderly people on the net!

More and more Elderly are on this forums and are Ignored!
They do not realize we are the ones that that created computers and the Internet!

I was involved in the Race to the MOON!
Sep 26, 2017
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I'm only 10 years behind you and if knowing about such a problem I will create a text document with suitable settings and send as an attachment. The underlying issue is that both the sending and receiving computers need the same settings so as to see the same things and there is the issue of how the ISPs or E-Mail servers handle things. The same has existed for quite awhile when coding Web pages that can be viewed the same on all computers since the display ratio can't be known such as 4:3 for a standard screen or 16:9 or 16:10 for wide-screen displays.
Nov 19, 2013
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Hi Bob. I cannot help but pick you up on this one " have complained that the forum has forgotten the Elderly that has been on the Forum for a long time!"
Looking through your three posts, over the past four years, I don't see a reference to this?
But, you may be on just the forum you need. Many of our regular subscribers and moderators too, are in the "no longer young" bracket.
If other posters follow the same procedure as I, when viewing the requests for help, it would be rare to actually look at an OPs profile to ascertain the age - it would be irrelevant.
Anyway, you have asked a question (without answer so far?). There are countless email programs, and two or three popular ones. To reply, members will need to know which one you use. As Bighorn says, though, it will depend very much on how they are received..

A universal fix, however, could be that when communicating under the circumstances to which you refer, you send the text as an attachment or PDF.
I am sure you will get many suggestions here

From another youngster.
Dec 17, 2019
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dang, whats considered no longer young? im hitting 36 this year and im still in school, but thats ok haha. congrats on the milestone robert
Jan 27, 2016
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Hi there Bob, Snuffy here 77 and going, computer since 1983, and Im here to help anybody that I can, I also get PM from folks, and many also email. So anyway us OlTimers can we stick together.


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