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Dec 23, 2018
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I have a Lenovo Ideapad 100S laptop. I use a pin to locally unlock it. I've been trying to update my Windows (April) but it never fits so I've been saving/deleting files as necessary, but no luck, though the laptop tries.
Suddenly, my pin isn't recognized, which I assume is related to my update woes.
I've been trying all the recommended fixes, (including the Shift/Restart from bottom right of screen). In order to make any changes in those options I need a password. So I'm stuck in a loop.
As mentioned, I always used a pin. But the login box says "Password." I honestly don't know if it's always said that or if it used to say "PIN," but fortunately I have a Microsoft account/pwd. So I tried that. No go. Now what do I do? I'm so frustrated and I can't access any of the other solutions I've seen because they require that I access, you guessed it, my password/pin. Please PLEASE help.


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Nov 19, 2013
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You might be able to rescue your computer by enabling the normally hidden / disabled Administrator account and use that to possibly fix the password problem on your local user account.
You'll need to boot from the installation media. If you do not have the installation media on hand you can download the ISO from here
Once you have the ISO, you can use ImgBurn to burn it to a DVD,
or Rufus to burn it to a USB ThumbDrive,
either of which you can use to boot your computer.

Follow the steps outlined here

It works, I know, I've used it on more than one occasion.
Just make sure you note how to undo the changes after you're done.

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