Dual monitor, keeping secondary monitor alive when turned off

Jan 8, 2019
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i have following problem i would like to fix.

First my scenario.

I use Windows 10 OS with 2 monitors.
My primary monitor is turned on and my second monitor is turned off.
I programmed a application that starts other applications and moves them to the second monitor (which is turned off all the time). The reason for that is that my application reads color values of the other applications which need to be visible for that. But i don't want them on my primary monitor where i work. That is the scenario and it works flawless.

Now to my problem
Sometimes i want to turn off my primary monitor too (going afk for few hours and want to save power), but the color reading should still go on at the secondary monitor. When i come back and turn the primary monitor back on the applications that should be located on the second monitor are fully maximized on my primary monitor.

I guess it has something to do with power management, but i could not fix the problem.
Would love to hear some wisdom from the experts here.
Thanks in advance.

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