Process or progress bar

Mar 24, 2021
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Is thre a way to stop disable this bar when movin a file or photo or anything from the deskt op to another file . For eample if i want to move a photo or a file or an icon to lets say my documents or to recycle bin there is a progress process bar that show up everyt ime. I am on windows 10. is the process bar needed and can it be disabled with messing up my computer. I have show less but stil see the porcess or progress bar whn moving files photos etc to another location. I have most of my inportant app files a nd such in a folder called utilities . I just downloaded a new version of Glary utilities and wanted to put the icon there to use it later with out cluttering up my desk top when i went to move it there i get aprocess bar or if i try to send a file folder to recyle bin. Can it be disable uninstalled etc


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