Identify a Windows Process or utility

Mar 6, 2021
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I'm hoping a Microsoft guru can shed light on the following situation. I want to know the name of a particular software process that is invoked that causes the refresh of a registry entry alteration after clicking Apply/OK and NOT require a user to either reboot the computer or have to log out and then back in to effect the registry refresh.

Case in point: If one goes into the Control Panel to Ease of Use and selects Make the Mouse easier to use and ticks a box, an alteration in a registry entry occurs and the system invokes the change immediately when clicking OK. No reboot is required. If a user makes the same registry change manually, then a reboot is required.

Can someone tell exactly what function is occurring and how I could invoke the same one via, say, a powershell or CMD entry? I want to make a batch file to reduce 6 steps to one. Thanks

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