Re-enable windows update, what are the dangers ?


Aug 27, 2018
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In a moment of stupidity I lent out my laptop and the windows media player and edge was started. Now I lost admin rights of RPC service so firewall.msc can not be restarted, all greyed out. Im running very tight security on my laptop since early 2017 and as I need stability and safety win update has been disabled since then, Im also running my own rules in firewall and had no major trouble since 2017 until now when media player somehow was started. Off course I would never run functions such as media player, edge, spoty, skype etc as I need the computer in good condition.

Now when firewall/rpc is disabled Im considering my worst options : letting windows update restore admin rights of rpc or should I tinker out admin rights and keep update disabled for not risking viruses ("windows features") ? What new "windows features" should I lookout for and remove asap ? Im expecting the update will re-open all ports for remote support, xbox, bing etc that Im always closing but what more riscs may there be ? At this hiccup I lost admin rights of a bunch of programs such as the cpu fan disabler (I like my computer efficient, quiet and cool as Im not running bloatware) and openshot. I scanned computer via ubuntu and no viruses found.

This question made me banned forever at tenforums for trolling but believe me Im not, I just like linux but sometimes need a functioning windows for financial applications. I consider update a virus as this function caused more harm to my computer than the viruses I tried to avoid, plus all the harmful software, "the features", following an update, hence the disabling.



Jun 9, 2017
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Well not updating your computer since 2017 pretty much leaves you on your own, we have had 4 major upgrades since then with the latest being 1903. Basically, a lot of people are just running Windows Defender seems to be a much more improved program in the last couple of years. Personally, I run paid for Norton and Malwarebytes and have had no issues in the last 10 years or so. Of course, that takes some discipline also. 1903 seems to be pretty stable presently if your hardware is up to it. and yes you'll have to reconfigure all the things you're talking about I turn off the stuff I don't use myself but every major upgrade twice a year seem to reenable most of it.
I wouldn't turn updates back on, You'll spend the next few days installing updates one at a time, I would do an upgrade/Repair install using the 1903 Iso Create your install USB from MCT
Otherwise, just go back to windows 7.

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