SSD Not Recognized in PC?

Aug 2, 2021
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Hey folks,

I have an issue that is killing me:

I have a HP Desktop, which is a few years old, but a i5 with 12GB memory.

A little while back I swapped to an SSD but using ACRONIS to close to a Crucial drive.

It worked for a while, then I updated some drivers and now the computer will not recognize the SSD...won't even boot to the bios if its connected. I eventually swapped the drive under warranty, and using an external USB-SATA connector, recloned the drive.

Same thing...I can get the drive to be recognized if its not connected during boot and then i connect it with the USB-SATA connector...but outside of that, no go.

BIOS is updated...Bios mode is UEFI. I could use some advice!




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