TaskBar Questions, Please

Dec 4, 2017
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Hello again,

Just trying to learn, so please put up with me a bit.
That old age problem also, I guess.

Trying to understand the Task Bar at the very bottom of my screen.

It's the System Tray portion (the extreme right section) that I'm confused about.

I presently have a single line of icons for the entire Task Bar.
But, I have found that I can drag the upper edge upwards, and was surprised to see
about 20 lines or so of additional icons for the System Tray portion.

Seems like everything I had on my Desktop

a, about half way down, the text DESKTOP appears. Why ?

*b. All these Desktop icons, what do they represent ?

Are they what is what is actually running presently, shortcuts, or...?

Not going to, but what would happen if I deleted them all?

c. Have an icon for One Drive. Can't delete it. Why ?

d. Are All shortcuts, always, "deletable" ? Caveats ?

Much thanks,
Sep 26, 2017
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On the right-click of the Taskbar will show Toolbars at the top, one of those is the Desktop. Activating that one will show the word Desktop just to the left of the clock with a double up arrow, click that arrow and you'll see a list of all the items that are on the desktop, kind of a quick way to get to something without having to minimize programs.

And don't forget Peek, a vertical bar at the right end of the Taskbar if it has been activated. On Win10 hovering over that bar dims the programs that are open, clicking it minimizes all and clicking again brings them back up. However, clicking something on the desktop while minimized that way may not allow bringing them back up, have restore each one separately.
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