SOLVED Unable to open windows inside of windows

Aug 26, 2021
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Hi there, I attached a file to illustrate the issue I's weird. If you look at the short screen recording I did, when I try to open my C drive (Windows 10) the screen flashes and I'm back on my desktop. The only way to open a drive or folder is to right click and 'open in new window'. Changing the setting in folder view does nothing to improve the situation. Even weirder is that I can double-click on a My Book external drive and it will open in the same window, however a passport drive drive won't- the screen flashes and i'm back on my desktop.

I don't know what happened but I messed something up (obviously). I updated windows and although it fixed that problem, a whole bunch more were created, so I rolled back to my older version, which is where I'd like to stay for awhile, but this annoying behavior is driving me crazy. The only way for me to get work done is to open a new window for every drive and every folder, and it eats up my memory which I need since my laptop is old.

Anyway, I just thought I'd try asking a community of Windows users and see if any bright minds can help me with this issue.

Thanks a lot and take care.


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