Weird Display Output problems - Lenovo P700


Jan 31, 2023
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Hi, I'm having some issues trying to output to a high res display (2560 x 1440, I have two of the same display ), unsure if this is due to having an older outdated graphics card, or if something is configured wrong.

Issue I am having is that when the displays are plugged directly into the graphics card display port the computer wont output anything to the display on boot.

However if I boot the computer up with the same display connected through a display port to 1080p HDMI converter everything works fine ( at 1080p ). If I then plug in the second display directly to the graphics cards second port then It will all run as it should, at its native 2560 X 1440. Whats more is I can disconnect the HDMI adapter and plug the display port cable of the first display into the first display and have both running 2560 x 1440.

But if I restart the computer it will still not output to these monitors, even if one is through the converter and the other is plugged in directly.

Graphics card is a - Nvdia K4200, Ive tried updating the drivers and BIOS, however the problem persists.

Any ideas what could be my problem ?

Thanks in advance for any help !
Dec 25, 2015
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the only other point i can think of is that there is a "conflict" between the video cards, have you check these settings in device manager? check "resources" on each for conflicts. if both are using the same irq setting then then that is probably why the system will not boot

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