Having a weird display problem...

Jan 19, 2017
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I have this toshiba laptop that the display is acting weird.

First off: When the pc is shut down and then the PC is powered back on, the PC will work correctly. When the PC is simply restarted however, the internal monitor will not show anything. You need to hook up and external monitor in order to see anything. I have un-installed/reinstalled/updated the display adapter, also updated the monitor adapter.

Secondly: the PC is not recognizing the external screen as the second screen. The external WILL work but it is being viewed as the primary screen.

Again the screen is working but only when shut down and not restarted. This could very well be a hardware issue but due to the nature of how it is acting Im leaning more towards it being software related. Has anyone had any experience with something like this.



Oct 27, 2013
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Hi Curtis, welcome to the forums.

When re-starting the PC, do you see anything from the initial bootup process on the laptop display? For example, a prompt to enter the BIOS, etc... If this doesn't appear, the problem is occurring before Windows loads. If that is the case, my first thought would be to look for BIOS updates and restore default settings and see what happens.

If you do see anything on the laptop display when restarting (before Windows loads), then the problem may indeed be Windows related and we can troubleshoot further.

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