Snipping Tool Misbehaving / Strange lines in received emails

Dec 9, 2015
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Hello, I have 2 problems which I suspect may have the same source:

1. I've been using Snipping tool for a long time, but this time when I am just only going to click on "mode" so I could get the rectangular snaps the picture like a lightening! I still haven't been able to get it so I could show someone the problem #2 below...

2. Suddenly the emails i receive and want to forward after I delete the multiple email addresses from people who (so wrongly) still put them in the "To:", I get some lines all around the entire article. Especially something like table lines on the sender's 4 or 5 lines of his name, e-address, my address, etc. The big problem is that I cannot delete them in any way! When I get to delete just part of it, it shows some strange lines, plus something like knots(?) on the vertical lines.

Could those 2 problems (which I never experienced before) be due to my having put my computer in Safe Mode? Hopefully the answer is Yes?

I was advised to do a Safe Mode to find out why I had other problems, like resizing pics, etc. which I got since I switched from WLMail to Thunderbird.

Thanks so much for any help. :)


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