Win 10 Pro, no admin account anywhere, no boot from USB option and no family and other people option...

Aug 11, 2022
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Hi guys, I am hoping someone can help me, the PC is telling me i have no admin account at all, even when I goto cmd promt and type the user administrator /active:yes it says cannot find I've also tried the add someone to the computer but the family and other people option is not even showing up, I've had windows 10 put on a USB drive but i can't even boot from boot menu because that option is not there neither, I have noticed that when I restart the windows 10 Pro a logo comes up saying RM Education either before or after the windows logo. Please help me, I'm about to throw the PC out the damn window thanks in advance...oh I have images of the sign into admin account with the only option to press is No but its telling me its too large to upload it.


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