SOLVED Remote Approve Admin Requests on Windows 10

Feb 3, 2021
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I have recently gotten a windows PC for my family with me and my wife as admins with the kids as just normal users. My Eldest son is using it to play games more and more at the moment, however whenever he wants to download a game, or anything thing else, it requires an admin to put in their pin. Is there any way for me to do this from my phone. Sort of like how on the Xbox they can request more time and then I get an email to approve.



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Nov 19, 2013
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The "or anything else" might be a problem.
There is nothing that I'm aware of that is similar to the xBox notifications that you seem to be familiar with, when it comes to administering a Windows computer remotely.

You'd probably need a remote desktop app that would allow you to interact with the prompts for the action to continue.
There are multiple apps available depending on which phone you are using.
I think something like TeamViewer is available on most platforms and I believe that many have a free version for what they call "personal use".

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