Remote Desktop access.

Dec 5, 2015
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I have three desktop computers connected to my wired LAN and in the same network group.

They are all connected to one keyboard, mouse, and screen via 4 port KVM switch.

Today, I tried to set up Remote Desktop access on all three computers, so I could also access/run each computer from another computer without having to switch between them via the KVM switch.

One of the computers can connect to the other two computers without any problems via Remote access.

However the other two computers can connect to each other, but cant connect to the third computer. The Remote Access program pops up an error saying An Internal error has occurred.

This is what happens:

Computer 1 -> Remote Access -> computer 2 and -> computer 3.

Computer 2 -> Remote Access -> computer 3
- But cant connect to computer 1, Remote Access on computer 2 just says an internal error has occurred.

Computer 3 -> Remote Access -> 2
- But cant connect to computer 1, again Remote Access on computer 3 just says an internal error has occurred.

I have searched Google and tried several fixes, Including:

- Ping via windows command prompt from Computer 2 & 3 to computer 1, which is successful.

- Tried a Telnet logon via windows command prompt from computer 2 & 3 to computer 1 through the default port 3389. Telnet logons to computer 1 are successful.

- I have also stopped and restarted the Remote Desktop Service, and changed it from manual to automatic.

None of the above have fixed this problem. Is there anything else I can try?


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