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Nov 24, 2019
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i work in a big company and we use one comp as a workstation that is sometimes remotely controlled.
problem is that if i log in when it is remotely controlled it ruins other worker job.
can i take an output from computer (on USB for example) to light a LED so it is noticeable that comp is remotely controlled?



Mar 4, 2016
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Welcome to the Forum.

I'm not sure about getting an led to light up for you, but you could create a Scheduled Task on the Workstation itself, to be triggered when a specific Event [ in this case, you remotely logging in to the Workstation ], which would display a pop-up Dialog informing anyone at the Workstation that the computer has been accessed.

Depending on how you are remoting into the Workstation, the Event ID is most likely going to be 4624.

  • To do this, right-click on Start, then select Computer Management
  • Now, in left pane select Task Scheduler ( If you do not see this, expand the System Tools to reveal it )
  • Now on the right pane select Create Basic Task
  • In the Wizard dialog that opens, enter a name for the Task, and if you want, enter a description of the task, then click Next
  • You will now be seeing the Task Trigger dialog. Here check the radio button next to When a specific event is logged, then click Next
  • You'll now need to complete three fields:
    • For the Log field click the Drop Arrow at right end of field and select Security
    • For the Source field click the Drop Arrow at right end of field and select Microsoft Windows security auditing
    • For the Event ID field type in the Event ID you want triggering this task. For example, type in 4624
    • When all three fields are completed, click Next
  • You'll now need to decide the Action to take. You can choose to start a specific program, send an e-mail, or display a message. In this case, check the radio button next to Start a program then click Next

    Note: The e-mail or display a message options are now deprecated and will not work

  • Now, click the Browse button, and select a Script you intend to run to display a message. You can also add arguments here and option Start information too. When ready, click Next
  • Finally, click Finish

    This is just an example case, of what you might do.

    Keep in mind, if you are already remotely connected, you can just as easily send a message via the command prompt to any User also signed-in. Personally, though, would it not be simpler to create a Windows to Go image of this Workstation, and work on that rather than remoting to the Workstation itself? When you return to work, you can connect your Windows to Go pendrive / USB Drive to the Workstation and share information that's been updated.



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