Host Machine Refuses to Run Screen Saver after Remote Desktop session started

Jul 13, 2017
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My host machine is a Windows 10 Pro 64bit. When I use remote desktop to remote into this host machine it displays the Windows 10 lock page (which is fine). The problem is that the screen saver settings are bypassed and it never switches from the lock screen to a screen saver. Power management settings work fine, so I can set it to power down the display after a certain amount of time. But the only way I can prevent burn in on my Host display is to use the power management setting to turn off the display completely. Why can't I set it to run the screen saver instead?

Same issue happens when it does those automated updates with an automatic restart in the middle of the night. Unless I intervene and log in the next day, the screen will just sit there on the login page burning into my monitor. Once I log in, the screen saver works fine (that is, unless I remote in from another machine, per the initial above complaint/issue)

Any ideas?


Mar 4, 2016
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Hi Robert10510,

Welcome to the Forum.

You could create a shortcut on your Desktop and enter a command like:

%windir\system32\tsdiscon.exe && %windir%\system32\bubbles.scr


Or if that will not work, then create a batch file in Notepad:

Start %windir%\system32\tsdiscon.exe /s

Start %windir%\system32\bubbles.scr /s

exit /B

Note: The CMD console will not close until you stop the screen saver.

Batch File attached if you want it:

After extracting the Switch.bat file, if you want to edit it just right-click and select Open with and select Notepad




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