RuntimeBroker (now Shell Infrastructure Host) high RAM usage

May 15, 2018
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Some time ago I noticed that if I start opening images using the default Photos application of Windows 10 from a folder that contains a lot of them (I then created on another notebook a folder with 32000 of random PNG an JPG images of around 1000*1000 resolution to test it), the system process RuntimeBroker (now it is called Shell Integration Host in 1803 update) starts consuming a lot of RAM - around 100-150 MB per opened image. So after opening like 10 images, this process eats 1GB+ of RAM. If I continue opening images, then after some time this process will crash and take down Photos down too.

I wanted to ask if I'm the only one with such a behavior? If somebody else could try replicating this issue?
Thanks in advance!

And can someone help me test this issue? I would like to know if it is reproducable on other machines.


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