Domain profile corrupt after Windows update

Jul 8, 2022
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We have a problem that has occurred on about 20 computers. After installing windows 10 updates the user domain profile is corrupt. Windows apps (calculator, audio levels etc.) don't work any more. Sometime the start menu can't be opened, and the windows search doesn't work. After installing newer updates, some of the problems are fixed but not all of them. On each computer (primarliy Microsoft Surface, but also Fujistsu Laptop and Dell), the problems can differ slighty (some apps do work, others don't).

So far I can only solve the problem by deleting the user's profile folder, and then going into regedit and deleting references to the profile (eg. in the profile list). Then I can logon as the user again and create a new profile. (If the regedit entries aren't deleted first, the new profile ist also corrupt).

Other domain users on the computer (e.g. Domain Admin) are not corrupt.

I can't say which update is causing the problem, because our customers didn't report the issue immediately and have installed several upates. The issue has been present for almost 2 months now, but the number of cases has now increased significantly.

Any idea what could be causing this, and how it can be fixed? I can't find any similiar issues when I search in the internet, but we have a lot of customers with this problem so I'm pretty sure there are other cases out there.

Thanks for any help you can provide.




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