Windows-10 v1903 does not open roaming sessions, NT4 domain, Samba3-4.

Jul 15, 2019
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Good morning, colleagues.
I’ve been crashing for a while.
We have over a hundred machines running windows-10 with itinerant sessions. The profile server is based on samba3 and samba4. We use them as NT4 domain controller, (not as AD). This worked well under Windows XP, 7-Pro, 10v1803, and 10v1809. For this SMBv1 is checked in Windows fonctionalities.
We started to have problems when a machine went spontaneously from v1803 to v1809 : itinerant profiles no longer opened.
And we had to get back to old v1803. But a few months later, I manually passed a v1803 to v1809: itinerant sessions opened.
And then, spontaneously, all the other v1803 went to v1809, without worries.

Today that the v1903, is in free download, I installed it on one of machines.
Bad surprise: itinerant sessions based on the same server do not open.
Will it be necessary to wait for spontaneous updates as before ?
What should be changed or added to this v1903 ? This is where I call you for help.

This is how it happens when I log in:
- IDs are recognized (NTLM)
- the workstation displays "welcome" for 6 seconds, (the user is recognized),
- and then switches to "Preparation" (Windows prepares temporary profile),
- then proposes to either close or accept a temporary session.

In the events recorded on the customer workstation :
- windows did not find a profile on the server
- windows searched for an old profile on the local disk,
- not finding, windows creates a temporary local profile folder, which disappears when session is over.

When you opt for the temporary login, this is the surprise: I ACCESS the profile folder WITHOUT having to fill in the pass.
Question: Why didn’t the server give earlier?

Questions of access rights?
Are there any time limits?
Questions of time limits and rights?
What about the clock?

I would like to point out that before integrating a pc into NT4 Samba3-4 domain, a few lines must first be added to the Registry Base. It’s the same lines as since windows-XP.
Here are they :


; Speedup settings

; Can drive you nuts

I also changed the SlowLinkDetectEnabled (enabled) and SlowLinkTimeOut (to 5 seconds) values, but no effect.

I would also point out that with Samba-3 and Samba-4, the result is the same.

Thank you for your tips.
Regards. Mathieu A.

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