Can You Choose Hotspot From Same Domain?

Aug 24, 2015
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I am receiving 3-4 wifi signals from xfinity. Unfortunately, Windows 10 seems to give me no choice on which signal to connect to. It is the strongest signal, but that signal causes issues, like not connecting. However, the other few signals from xfinity do work well. I just have to wait till the top 1's signal strength fades so that 1 of the other ones becomes strongest and thus I can connect and it works.

I know there is "ignore," but that's to ignore other wifi sources (like linksys and personal servers nearby). But are there any tools or any software that can let me choose which xfinity wifi to connect to?

I have Xirrus detector which shows me all these individual xfinity signals, but it doesn't let me connect using that tool. It just displays.


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