Windows 10 unexpectedly Shutting down instead of Suspending

Apr 28, 2016
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I was using windows 8.1 on my laptop (HP ProBook 440 G2) and decided to completely format the disk and install Windows 10 from scratch. Downloaded the ISO from microsoft's website, installed it and upgraded to the latest version with all the updates available on the Windows Update. It's currently on Windows 10 version 1511.

The problem is, after long periods of usage ( don't know an exact number ), I would say more than an 30 minutes or an hour, when I close my laptop's lid, the power LED and the charging LED both start blinking and then windows just shuts down, with no messages whatsoever. Windows is configured to SUSPEND when the lid is closed, both when on battery and when charging. On a fresh boot, if I turn on the laptop and open a few apps and and then close the lid, it suspends normally like it should.

It used to work just fine on Windows 8.1. I tried to update the BIOS to the latest version but it didn,t work. Also tried to deactivate all "power saving" features from the BIOS, but also didn't solve the problem. All drivers are up to date, I manually updated every single one of them, but the issue persists. I'm running out of ideas. It's extremelly annoying when I need it to suspend and it shuts down and I end up losing some of my work.

The HDD is a Seagate Barracuda 5400rpm SATA III 500Gb drive, and it's brand new. It has less than 2 months of usage. All benchmarks seems fine, and Crystaldisk doesn't report any "health" issues, no bad blocks or whatsoever.
The RAM is also new, I bought 2x4Gb Kingston HyperX memory sticks (Previously I had only 1x4Gb), but the problem still exists.

Anyone has a clue of what is going on? Really appreciate any help.


Sep 22, 2014
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Are you sure you have "ALL" the drivers installed. Sometimes with laptops, a needed driver is paired with some other software/driver for functionality; and HP is notorious for this. My guess would be 1 of 3 drivers listed.....Chipset, firmware and/or BIOS.

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