Windows update appears to trigger BitLocker

May 25, 2016
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I have a Lenovo Idea 100S small laptop used for web browsing. This morning on switching on I received a message telling me to wait while the system was updated. This was very unusual as the spec on this machine apparently limits Windows updates. Anyway the screen briefly showed many '0' and '1' and '-'s followed by a request to enter a BitLocker key. I have never heard of BitLocker, nor used it on the computer, but it is now impossible to load Windows or use the machine.

I do not have the key and on this computer I do not use my Microsoft account or any USB stick or print where the key might be. I have contacted Lenovo and they tell me they believe that this problem was caused by a Microsoft OS update and it requires a patch from them. Can anyone shed any light on this situation as it seems surprising that a Microsoft update can lock me out of my laptop?


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