Windows 10 / User Account / Photoshop CC


Jan 3, 2017
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Hi - I am running Windows 10 Home and Photoshop 2017 CC on a Lenovo i5 / 16 GB PC.

I sign into my PC via a local user account which has (non-elevated) admin privileges. I'm the only user on my machine and I'll explain why I use an admin account in a bit.

Photoshop stores a preferences file in a C drive folder, which determines how it looks when you start it up.

When I start Photoshop from the start menu or desktop link and select a file to work on, it starts as I would expect - with my work-space preferences set as I like them (colours / layout / tools etc).

However when I click on a Photoshop file from the File Explorer, the workspace looks completely different - infact it's pretty much the default layout ... and it does not remember any changes I make to the configuration of the work-space (although I can edit and save changes to my files).

I know where it stores the .psp file and as far as I can see there is only one .psp file on my hard drive so I don't understand how it can open differently depending on how I choose to launch the app.

I'm using an admin account because there were problems using certain tools (Liquify) that could only be rectified by running in Admin mode.

If I look on the C drive i can see there is a "user" directory inside the C:\\users\ directory... but not a "zig" user directory (which is me). I have come to understand that the folders don't get renamed if you change the initial name that the user account was created in - I must have left it blank? or typed user? at some point in the original configuration of the first account.

So I then thought maybe that there was a problem with the way my user account was configured, and wanted to create a new local account... so I tried a couple of things

When I create a new standard local user and try and log in to it, Windows does not create a new user profile that I can log into... i.e. it does not run all of the "we're just getting everything ready for you" dialogue... it just shows me that that I can select it as an account o sign into (bottom left corner) but then when I try, it tells me that it's signing me out.

When I create a local user with admin privileges, it goes through the account creation - but when I sign in, the windows menu work... in fact only some of the local apps appear to work.

So now I'm really confused. I can't create working user accounts and photoshop behaves in an erratic fashion depending on the manner in which it is started.

I've pursued this on an Adobe forum as I thought it was an App problem, but they're convinced that Windows is behaving in a strange fashion.

I'd appreciate any help.


May 6, 2015
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We have a similar machine here with Photoshop CC but it is run with a user logging in with a Microsoft account and as a local admin. It hasn't been used much ( my wife's machine ) as she is still slowly learning PS-CC

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