Windows 10 Upgrade deleted my Admin User Account and all documents

Jun 8, 2016
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My computer automatically upgraded over night to Windows 10. When I tried to log in, it asked for my admin password. Once I logged in I noticed that all of the files are from my restricted guest account. This is the only user account showing as an option to log in. Therefore, all of my documents that were in my original admin account are gone. I have tried to search for files that I know the name of and nothing comes up. I have tried to go to C;\Windows\Users and nothing is found. How can I get all of my old admin files back????? Agggghhhhh......


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Nov 19, 2013
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Hello Julie and welcome to the forum.
Have you check C:\Windows.OLD\Users to see if they might be there.
By way of general info, it seems that in some instances it can take a while before Windows 10 sorts through everything and lines up all of its' ducks, so....
Sometimes a bit of patience and a few reboots seems to help.
You use the term "Admin user account" and "admin password" were you perchance using that actual Administrator (normally disabled by default) account as your primary user account, or.....
Do you simply mean your local user account which happens to be a member of the local administrators group??

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