Cannot See My Admin User Account At Login Windows 10

Sep 30, 2016
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so i updated my windows 10 (anniversary update) and it may or may not be because of this, but when I turn on my laptop, the option to switch users had disappeared and a guest account was selected. I tried logging in and out of that but i could not reach my main (admin) account.

After playing around with lots of settings I made a local account. And now the local account is presented instead of the guest account. neither of these had administrative rights... so when i tried to troubleshoot/command prompt/reset without deleting all my data it didnt allow me. When I shift+restart, it went to the blue screen with all these prompts.. and the only account that comes up is one "Administrator" account. i looked into this and the according to the internet this may be a built in administrative account. but i obviously dont have the password.

I cannot access my account and any of the files in it.

Any help would we greatly appreciated.

Thank You



Mar 4, 2016
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Hi nushi,

Welcome to the Forum.
  • Press Windows key and S key together to give focus to your Search box
  • In the Search box type View Advanced System Settings then press Enter key

    This window will open:


    In this window, in the User Profiles panel, click the Settings button

    Another window will open and populate with a list of user profiles on your computer.

    Does the profile you currently cannot see appear in this list? If it does appear there then something has possibly removed it from belonging either to Administrators, or Local Group, in which case you could resolve this as per below instructions.

  • If you can see it, then do the following:
    • Right-click on Start and select Command Prompt (Admin)
    • When the User Account Control opens click Yes
    • In the Administrator: Command Prompt window that opens type the following command to add the username to the Administrators group using the following format:

      net localgroup "group_name" UserLoginName /add
      So for example if the missing user name is nushi then you would type the above command like so:
      net localgroup "Administrators" nushi /add

      Once typed, press Enter key to execute

      Close open windows and programs, then restart computer.



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