Elevated Command Prompt

Elevated Command Prompt

There are many command line tools that may be useful to Windows 10 users, but quite often these will need administrative permission to run. Even if you are logged in as an admin, you will need to open an elevated command prompt to perform these tasks.

October 2017 Edit:
In more recent versions of Windows 10, it is recommended to use PowerShell, rather than the Command Prompt. The article has been updated to show the new method of accessing the old admin command prompt.

To begin, click the Start Menu or Search Icon and type "Command Prompt". Then right-click the Command Prompt listing and select "Run as Administrator"

Command Prompt 1.png

You'll then be prompted to allow the application to make changes to the PC. Click Yes:

Elevated Command Prompt 3.jpg

All done! You'll now see the Administrator: Command Prompt window where you can perform elevated operations:

Elevated Command Prompt 4.jpg
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