How to Start or Stop or a Service

How to Start or Stop or a Service

As part of troubleshooting your system, you may be required to start or stop services in Windows 10. These "services" are programs that operate in the background, often performing essential tasks (such as backups, firewall and other system operations).

To begin, load the Services tool by right-clicking the Start Button and select Run (or you can use the keyboard shortcut of Windows Key + R):


Then, type services.msc in to the run box and click OK:


Now you'll see a list of all of the services on your computer, including ones that have been disabled or are not currently running. To start or stop a service, right click the desired entry from the list and select Start or Stop:


Once you've made your selection, the service will attempt to start/stop and this may take a few seconds. If you run a service that is normally disabled, then it will not automatically run the next time you boot your system. Likewise, if you stop a service that is set to automatically restart, it is only a one-off change.

If a service has been marked as disabled (can't manually start it) or you wish to make permanent changes, please read this article:
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