Reset Windows 10 (from within Windows)

Reset Windows 10 (from within Windows)

If you've got severe problems with Windows 10 and need to perform more drastic measures to get things working again, you can reset the installation. Your PC will be restored to "as new" condition, with all 3rd party apps removed. You can choose to keep your personal files (i.e. Documents), but please do perform a backup first so that if you lose something unexpected, you can recover it.

As long as your Windows 10 installation boots, you can perform the refresh as follows. If it doesn't boot, try this article instead. First, click the Start Menu and select Settings:


Next, click Update & Security:


Now click Recovery and then the Get Started button (under "Reset this PC"):


You are then prompted to either keep your personal files or delete them. Please make sure you have a backup unless you are certain that everything on your Windows system can be wiped. Make your choice by clicking the appropriate button, then follow the remaining prompts on how to proceed:


Once finished (and rebooted), you'll have a fresh Windows 10 install waiting for you!
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