Adding TPM board and activating Bitlocker

Dec 18, 2017
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Using latest Windows 10 Pro and installing a TPM board, I am going to activate Bitlocker. Five questions

1) Do I have to enter a password on every boot-up? I read about a 'key'. Is this key just the password?

2) The drives and files will be encrypted. If I copy an mp3 onto the USB thumb drive I use in my car's media system, will the mp3 be encrypted, and hence will not play in the car?

3) Does Bitlocker enhance on-line security? Will it help to stop any hacking and hence removal/.access of sensitive files?

4) Can files be copied to another computer that has Bitlocker activated and the files work OK?

5) Can Bitlocker be switched-off so none of the drives and files are encrypted anymore?

Many thanks.
Feb 18, 2016
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I use bit locker. You have to remember it's just another line of protection to prying eyes.
1) You have to enter the drives password each time its connected (plugged IN) to any PC.
2) Yes! The drive is encrypted and the vehicles audio system can't open an encrypted drive.
3) No! Bit locker won't enhance on line security. It just protects the content of the drive.
4) Yes! If the correct passwords for the PC and thumb drive are entered to turn bit locker OFF.
5) Yes! Right click on the protected device to turn bit locker OFF.

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