3 Questions on Deleting and Adding User Accounts

Mar 25, 2017
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March 24th.

I'm a novice at this stuff and wish to accomplish 3 things, each of which present a problem. I wish to ...

1. Delete a Microsoft Outlook account mistakenly created when installing Win 10 on my laptop;
2. Install my existing Microsoft Account (used on my existing desktop computer) on my laptophari to facilitate mail, calendar and contact synching, and OneDrive file sharing; and
3. Install a "local account" (What exactly is a local account) to allow me to switch between the Microsoft account and local account as may be required.

Can this be done, and how?

Special problem: I didn't record the password to the Outlook account when it was created, and it seems I have to open it with a password before I can delete it. After many attempts to open the account, Microsoft has announced the account has been suspended. Great. But do I get it off my laptop? The Outlook.Com account is listed as the Administrator account.

Fortunately, I have yet to add any files or critical data to my laptop yet, as I read somewhere that files will be lost if I delete the Microsoft Outlook Account.
I do have an independent email account (Earthlink) accessable by browser. Is this a local account?

JACK ([email protected]


Oct 26, 2016
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To delete the current account, you have to create a second admin account. This can be done in [settings] [accounts] [family and other people] [add someone else to this pc]. Do not use the family option as all accounts depend on the 'master' account.
once a new account is created you need to log out the current account and log in the newly added account. from there you should be able to delete the original account.

a local account is somehow restricted as you cannot use certain features like cortana or others where a microsoft account is necessary.

to install a local account you do basically the same procedure as before installing a new account but avoid everything that points to a microsoft account.
Here are the steps for a local account:
3.add someone else to this pc
4. click on " I don't have this person's sign in information "
5. click on " add a user without a microsoft account "
6. enter username and password for the local account

Hope this is easy to understand.

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