Adobe Elements 14 Editor stopped working on my laptop after Win10 update

Apr 13, 2016
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Elements Editor began returning messages like "Analyzing type of jpg" and "Insufficient RAM" after a recent update of Win10. I was away from home, using my laptop. Found threads on the Web saying that the only way to fix this was to edit the Register. Unwilling to risk that, I restored the laptop to a previous Windows 10 version and was able to continue working.

Obviously, that's not a sustainable solution. I returned home to find that the same Win 10 update and the same Elements 14 Editor worked together seamlessly on my desktop PC.

Scoured the Web once again: still no simple solution. Asked a visiting Windows lecturer about the issue on an Alaskan cruise aboard the MV Zaandam but she was unfamiliar with the issue. Asked a Tech guru in the Windows store at UPlace in Seattle but he too hadn't heard about it. He offered to go through my laptop with me, but we were leaving for home the next day.

Anyone got a better idea than fiddling with the Register?

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