After clean Install: Netplwiz-No Checkbox & Folder Access Denied when moving Files

Aug 14, 2020
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I did a clean install from my windows 10 after I accidently downloaded some trojan virus files through edge browser (and the trojans activated just by downloading them) which couldnt be removed by anti virus and now when I open Netplwiz the checkbox is missing where you usually can enable login without putting password on startup. I only use password on this pc, no windows hello or pin is active.

Also when I want to move files from one folder to another on the same harddrive or to another often I have to confirm admin privileges now for whatever reason.
Theres only one user account on this pc and that is the admin account. Write protection is off for all these files and folders.
I never experienced these things ever before when I clean installed windows.

For example I want to move a file from my desktop to lets say C:\Program Files (x86) or delete a normal folder from my desktop and then there comes the popup "folder access denied" and i need to click on continue with admin privileges, when i click on that it works most of the times / not always, but its just annoying to do that for nearly every single file and folder. When I look up the user privileges for that file or folder under properties and go to security and look up my username and the admin theres full access checked with hooks.
Then I am moving files to another harddrive, it asks for admin privileges, I confirm it, afterwards the main folder and all the subfolders stay also on the harddrive where I moved it away from with 0 bytes.
Or Im trying to to edit a simple text file on an external harddrive and it wont let me save it / update it. So I have to make a new text file on my desktop since on that external harddrive I can only make new folders and no files?, put everything inside and move it onto the external harddrive, confirm admin privileges when moving it there and then delete the old one. It is very laborious.

Also since the clean install my mouse cursor was once very shivery, had to logout and login again and then the cursor was fine again.
Never had that before either.

Does somebody have any idea on how to fix this?
because another clean install probably wont fix it since it caused these things in the first place.
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Mar 7, 2020
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Tcvof hi,
This doesn't answer your post, but for the last few days, several workings of my computer have just gone haywire. Several saved software are now requiring Administrative permission and as yourself, I am the sole user and set as Administrator. A caption was shown today and several times, "You don't currently have permission to access folder". I have recently installed Windows updates, could this be the reason?

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