After I did restore point, I lost all admin privileges and can't enable certain protections

Jun 16, 2021
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I did restore my PC to a previous point (restored to a point two weeks prior to today's date) and when I got back on to Windows I kept getting a notification to turn on Windows Defender Antivirus. I've never disabled this app or installed any other antivirus programs on my computer so it should have still been running anyway. But, when I went to turn it on I no longer had Admin privileges and couldn't. This is my home PC, I'm the only user and have never created another user. When I saw other settings and features were also impacted by me losing admin privileges I created a new user account and gave it admin permissions. My new account says Administrator but doesn't have the full capabilities of my previous Admin account. I still can't turn on Windows Defender, I can't access some folders on the C: drive, and I don't know what to do. I can access elevated cmd prompt with both accounts, but don't know if I should try and keep the default admin account or the one I created after losing my privileges. I don't want to further restrict myself from my own computer. Can anyone please help me?

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