Can you remove line indicators showing applications on different desktops

Aug 2, 2015
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Hi guys,

I have created another desktop and moves windows explorer onto here, but on my initial desktop, there is still an icon relating to windows explorer even though it is not pinned to my taskbar and also a line underneath the icon indicating that this application is open on another desktop. But this sort of defeats the point of having multiple desktops when the exact same icons are shown on each desktop - my understanding was that you do have the ability to create multiple desktops to minimize the amount of applications open on each desktop which will save space and to be better organised with tasks or works in hand, so if there is the same amount of icons on each desktop that is the same as just having 1 desktop for all the applications.

Does anyone know how to remove this icon that is showing an application open in another desktop or is this not possible to achieve? I know this is only the first release of windows 10, but is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

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