Can't use HTML formatting on email service in Windows 10?

Jul 22, 2015
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This is a pretty interesting issue and I am perplexed to say the least. I am using an email account on from Namecheap and it was working fine up until I upgraded to Windows 10 on Chrome. Now, I am unable to format emails in HTML - only plain text.

There should be an option on the left side of a newly composed email to select between PLAIN or HTML...but no option shows anymore.

I have:

1) Reinstalled chrome

2) Updated settings in privateemail to allow Plain + HTML formatting.

3) Tried using Edge and it doesnt even let me login to the service.

4) Reset my cookies+cache

5) Turned off my firewall

6) Even talked to namecheap tech support and they've never come across this issue before. They had me do all the above as well, including opening the cmd prompt and do something with the DNS.

My other computer works completely fine with Windows 10 on Chrome. So, I have to imagine some sort of security setting or whatever might be causing this issue?

I would love to hear your best guesses as I strongly believe that it's some setting on OS that's causing this.

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